We Have a Job/Education Matching Problem

How to overcome the employment gap
Right now, there are millions of Americans who are currently unemployed. At the same time, HR departments around the country complain constantly about not being able to find candidates who are suitably qualified. What’s going on?
We have a profound mismatch today between the jobs that need to be filled, the workers available, and the training necessary to perform those jobs. Workers are located in the wrong geographic areas, and possess the wrong skills. Students are unsure what credentials they need to obtain to get jobs they’ll be suited for, and educators don’t always know how to best prepare their students for a rapidly-changing world.
To really make a dent in the employment gap, we’re going to need to start thinking about education in a whole new way. We have many of the technologies we will need, but we need to be leveraging them better. How can we reshape education to create a better-prepared workforce of citizens ready to participate in a digital world?
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