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Introducing Kaltura webcasting

It’s time. Time to gather your team, share what’s been going on recently, and inspire them with the plans for the future. It could be an annual event, a quarterly update or a routine team meeting. But whatever the occasion, you need a way to get your message out to the entire group, no matter where they are, in a way that will make that message resonate.
Introducing Kaltura Webcasting. It’s time to reimagine webcasting, refocused on the user experience. Innovative design helps presenters shine, producers relax, and participants engage. Kaltura’s robust infrastructure ensures reliable delivery, anywhere. Automated slide synching and customizable views create a flawless, inviting environment. With automated transition from live to VOD and a secure, seamless integration with your corporate infrastructure, you can create an impression that lasts.Kaltura webcasting platform
Come explore our new webcasting page for a closer look at the newest product in Kaltura’s ever-growing video ecosystem. We have all the resources you need to make your next webcast both a smash hit and a long-lasting reference. Watch the video. Check out an infographic or a webcasting guide. Sign up to attendee one of our free webinars: “Make Your CEO Look Great: The New Approach to Webcasting” or Nuts and Bolts and Encoders: Webcasting Production for Pros”. (Both webinars will be offered at multiple times to accommodate viewers in different time zones.) It’s mass communication, made personal, effortless, and exciting.
In addition, we’ll be continuing to showcase webcasting-related content here in the blog for the next few months. So check back again every two weeks for more information on the evolution of webcasting, the difference between webcasting and webconferencing, tips and tricks, webcasting by persona (presenter, producer, audience), and more.
Kaltura Webcasting: helping presenters shine, producers relax, and participants engage.

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