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Launching Kaltura Lecture Capture

Kaltura Lecture Capture is out of beta

I recently told you about our journey to Lecture Capture, which has been underway for some time. Now that we are releasing Kaltura Lecture Capture, I’d like to share some insights and progress from the latest leg of our journey.
We have been working closely in the past few months with a select group of customers on a beta program for Kaltura Lecture Capture. This has truly been an enriching experience. These customers received early access to the product and tested it in their different environments. With weekly calls and onsite visits, we learned so much during this process. Talking to customers and testing the product in “real life” environments helped us adjust and prioritize the different aspects of the product as we were developing it. Understanding the various use cases, setups, and considerations has already helped shape the future phases of this product.

What We Learned About Lecture Capture

The main focus when designing this new product was creating a simple, straightforward, easy-to-use user interface and experience. Our beta customers said this is the main aspect they loved about our product. There was no learning curve: all they needed to do was click the red button and start recording. Success!
We also learned that many institutions heavily rely on scheduling recordings in advance. Managing recordings simultaneously across campus can be a headache. So many prefer to create a schedule remotely and have a hands-free experience for faculty. That’s why we built Kaltura Lecture Capture to offer a robust scheduling capability. Administrators create a schedule so the application will record automatically. Whether scheduling a recording with the Kaltura Lecture Capture application or with a partner device, admins can manage everything centrally. We have open APIs to allow our partners to integrate with our scheduling system. If admins are not interested in scheduling, it can be easily turned off to only allow ad hoc recordings. Scheduling also has the capability of defining where the content will be shared too in the LMS or video portal.
Another concern customers brought up was the fast turnaround in classrooms. Different classes  with different faculty follow one after the other with only a few minutes between. To address this need, we added background upload capability, regardless of which user is logged in. Once the recording is completed, it now automatically uploads to Kaltura in the background, even if the original user has logged off.
I want to take this opportunity to thank our beta customers for taking the time to explore this road with us. We learned so much from you!
We’re really excited to share this new offering with you, and we are just getting started with many new features in the pipeline. We look forward to continuing this open discussion with customers and learn from their experiences.

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