Introducing Kaltura Learning

Learning how to use Kaltura
Exciting news!  We’ve just launched a new and improved Kaltura Learning site (currently in beta mode). This video site includes short, up-to-date “how to” video tutorials and courses for a variety of our applications, extensions and features.
Want to know how to schedule a lecture capture? Need some tips on making sure a webcast runs smoothly? First time creating an interactive video quiz? Here, you can get easy, quick tutorials on how to use many of Kaltura’s most useful features.
Here are some videos to get you started:
All videos are tagged and easily discoverable, offering a convenient place to find answers to your most commonly asked questions. This is a great place to locate the latest self-learning resources, including information on frequently overlooked product features and best practices. It’s also the perfect place to get started with Kaltura.
We invite you to visit the site and share any feedback you may have by clicking the “Give Us Feedback” link located on the top right of the site.

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