How to Introduce Kaltura to Your Campus

how to introduce kaltura to your campus

When schools want to roll out Kaltura on their campus(es), what better way to introduce the video platform to their staff and students than through video? The University of Sheffield, a world-renowned school and one of the UK’s top research universities, recently produced a truly excellent promotional video to help their audience understand how to better use Kaltura. It’s a fantastic example of how to show how to to create, publish, and discover video, so staff can share materials with students, colleagues, and the world. This video was produced by Tom Foster, and the University of Sheffield was kind enough to let us share it with you.

It’s a lovely example of how to successfully roll out a new platform and should definitely be considered a best practice. Check it out!


Have you already rolled out your video platform? See some examples of how other universities’ professors are using video in and out of the classroom in the recorded webinar “The Professor’s Guide to Video“.



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