Integrating Education and Video: MediaSpace Use Cases (Video)

We here at Kaltura are extremely invested in making global education more genuinely global. Specifically, we aspire to advance traditional education so that it keeps pace with contemporary technological trends such as online video. In today’s age, online video is no longer a luxury; rather, it is a necessity to integrate with any institution.
One platform Kaltura uses to integrate education and video is our “YouTube in a box”, MediaSpace. MediaSpace acts as a private media center for any institution to use for their desired needs. It can be used in combination with Learning Management Systems such as Moodle and Blackboard. It has been two and half months since the release of MediaSpace 3.0 and we felt that it would be nice to share with you how different universities are applying it across the globe.
A little while back we posted a webinar discussing how to launch your “Campus YouTube” using Kaltura’s MediaSpace. In the webinar, Leah Belsky; our VP of Business Development, discusses the wide variety of use cases for Mediaspace. Leah describes four of the main uses:

  1. Video For Teaching and Learning as a complement to the LMS. Video hub of assignments, teacher submitted video, course materials, etc.
  2. Campus YouTube to drive campus community and collaboration by sharing campus events, media from clubs, and more.
  3.  Distribution of lecture capture or library files
  4. Marketing (campus events, testimonials, PR, etc.)

Watch Leah’s remarks for more details:
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Also included in the webinar, Joshua Kragh Bruhn, an Information Specialist at Copenhagen Business School, discusses CBS’s use of Mediaspace since its integration in 2010. CBS’s use of MediaSpace allows only registered faculty to upload content and operates mostly as an example of the 3rd use case; lecture capture,  although there are aspects of the 1st and 4th listed use cases that the university also employs. An especially intriguing aspect of CBS’ application is that it provide very few limits and restrictions to its contributors. As Bruhn says, “We have as few requirements as possible. We don’t want to discourage users or potential users. We definitely don’t want to push them onto other platforms because they are already on other platforms. We want to be the CBS alternative to publishing directly on YouTube.”
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One of the great things about MediaSpace is that it fosters community on campus, bringing together students and faculty to provide a more cohesive, unified educational experience.
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