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Increasing Sales with… Interactive Video Quizzes?

There are plenty of ways for a business to increase sales. Developing competitive advantages, better marketing, greater incentives for sales staff, amazing promotions and deals, and making sure current customers stay happy and make big impacts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But most of these strategies have a single failure point in common: they depend on your sales staff knowing how to execute your strategy. They need to know your product line, know your customers’ pain points, know your positioning, and know the latest offers. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how great your product is; your sales team will fail to close the deal. So how do you make sure that your sales team stays up to date?

We’ve talked about the importance of training in the past, and how video is a key part of a corporate training program. Video makes for a great way to train your sales team (or any other team, for that matter). It’s easy to scale, more personal and engaging than text, and can be recorded once and then watched at any time or location. Analytics mean accountability – you can tell exactly who watched which video, and whether or not they watched it to completion. It’s not enough to make sure that your employees watch the video, though. They need to actually absorb the information.

For example, we have one client whose call center employs hundreds of people, who need to regularly learn brand new products in a matter of days. To make sure everyone was keeping up to date, they started using interactive video quizzes – test questions that could be embedded in the middle of training videos, or even built to be a standalone quiz in a video format. By using interactive video quizzes for training, they can easily build new training modules, fast. The training videos can be watched by salespeople anywhere, instead of requiring in person sessions, and the quizzes make it easy to tell whether the material is being absorbed. They’re now starting to use them as a pre-assessment tool, so they can tell how much their staff knows going into training and tailor the training accordingly.

The result is not only less time and fewer resources spent on training, it’s a noticeably more effective sales staff. And the result of a more effective sales staff? Increased sales.

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