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How to Increase your Video’s Global Reach by up to 80%

You are reading this because video is already playing an important part in your business. But are you getting enough from your video assets? To make the most of your video investments, you should seriously consider investing in video captioning, translation and voice over. By increasing the reach of your video, the value of these assets and their effectiveness increases dramatically with added accessibility, audience engagement and global understanding. Dotsub products and services open huge, untapped worldwide markets as well as addressing the deaf and hard of hearing community.
One of our customers, WETA, the public broadcasting station in Washington D.C., performed studies that show that captions can increase the number of viewers who watch more than half a video, or watch all of it, by more than 40%. And that was just captions.
Video is becoming the communication method of choice for enterprises. All aspects of their business including corporate communications, product training, marketing, and social awareness make use of the medium. In addition, it is predicted that within a couple of years 90% of all internet traffic will be video. Most of these videos are in English yet only 5% of the world speaks English as a first language. Translations make business sense.
What is really puzzling is why captioning, translations and voice overs are often only considered after production. To not plan or budget for these services because “we can take care of that afterward” is just bad business. Otherwise conscientious business people can be absolutely stunned when their English only training videos are useless in Brazil! If your business plan says “expansion into South America” it should well budget for globalization and localization up front.
On the plus side, according to Common Sense Advisory, an independent research company specializing in the translation market, enterprises are increasingly adopting and implementing full-scale company-wide strategies for globalization and localization. In other words, forward-thinking companies have captions and translations efforts “baked in” from the get go.
We have been working on planning with one of our larger customers on next year’s plans. (They are in the security business – so I can’t tell you who they are or I’d have to kill you). They recognize that their strategy for world domination must incorporate language planning into the mix from the start.
Video has revolutionized the way we teach, the way we learn, and the way we do business. The next step is to reach more and more people with captions, translations and voice-over. It’s the natural progression.


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