The Impact of Video on Schools

The impact of video on schools for teachers and students

In previous weeks, we’ve been examining some of the results of The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report. Now let’s focus on the impact of video on schools, both for students and teachers. Video ROI is a critical part of deciding how to deploy video in the field.

How Video Affects Students

First, we asked about the impact that video had on students.
Impact of video on students
Respondents generally agreed that video has a major positive impact on students. 93% report that using video results in increased satisfaction of students with their learning
experience. 85% believe it increases student achievements, and 70% think it increases alumni’s sense of affiliation with their institution.
The majority of respondents also felt that video helps to attract the right students to the institution, makes the on-boarding of new students smoother, and increases student retention rates.
That’s a lot of benefits!

How Video Affects Educators

Next, we turned to the faculty. How did schools feel video affected their staff?
Impact of video on faculty

Video also has a positive impact on faculty: 78% believe that it makes the on-boarding of new employees smoother. In addition, more than half believed video helps attract the right teachers to the institution, increases the satisfaction of teachers from their teaching experience, and increase educator collaboration and professional development.
Clearly, when looking for ROI, there’s a big impact of video on schools in general.

Want more insight into how video is being used in education? Read the full “The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report“.

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