IBM Connect Wrap-Up

Last week, we had the privilege of attending IBM Connect 2016.
A couple key takeaways we found interesting, if you were unable to go yourself:

  • The future is the cloud. IBM Connections is heading for the cloud at full power, and continues to work with its partner ecosystem to enable smooth transition for customers.
  • Video seems to be quickly becoming more important in Social Business Software (SBS). As employees are increasingly used to using video in their daily lives, they consequently increasingly expect to use it in their business environment. Tools to “videofy” existing workflows are only going to become more important.
  • IBM continues to work with Kaltura as its key go-to partner for adding robust video experiences to Connections. While IBM Connections does not have its own video capabilities, that’s where we come in. One thing was for certain last week—there’s a huge interest in adding video.

Showing SBS video
Thanks all for a great conference!
Learn more about Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Connections. 

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