HTML5 Video Library Update

We’re happy to announce the deployment of version 1.5 of the Kaltura HTML5 Video Library. This  release includes a number of enhancements in the playlist handler, the addition of QUnit tests for many player features and many additional plugins. This blog post will give you a high level overview of all the changes. For more in-depth coverage follow the wiki.
The Kaltura library update has been deployed to both .org and .com to enable html5 links provided to you by the KMC and to the location. Its important that if you’re a Kaltura customer you contact your project manager or Kaltura support to update your script includes to the .com hosted version of the library. The .org location will continue to host the latest version of the library and is a good way to play around with new features, but is less recommended for production sites.
Continue reading for the full release notes on this Kaltura html5 video library update:

New Core Features:

  • Large playlist refactor – playlists now support plugins and read uiConf config.
    • improved playlist layout system adds support for basic translation of vbox layout to html5 player
    • improved css of player.
    • improved playlist performance via iframe packaged delivery
  • Re-factored configuration system consolidates the flashvars, uiVars and uiConf plugin tags for easy plugin config.
  • Enhanced “evaluate” method for parsing KDP player properties query strings {} etc.
    • Cue points
    • Kaltura captions support (both CustomVars and KalturaApi supported), ttml and srt parsers included.
  • Custom Metadata is now available to plugins
  • Improved ad sequence events
  • Updated Fullscreen Support for Safari 5.1, Chrome 15 and nightlies of Firefox
  • Support for custom onPage resources and external plugins
  • Support for per user agent rewrite rules for “leading with html5”

Updated Tests and Features:
The following feature tests have been added. We are working towards making all of these feature tests part of the TestSwarm continuous testing efforts. You can run the tests or feature demonstrations individually, click the links below:

New HTML5 Plugins:
The following plugins have been contributed by Kaltura and the HTML5 community to our open source svn repository. Please visit the Kaltura Plugins Category on the wiki for documentation.

  • FreeWheel – is one of the leading web ad networks, its now supported in Kaltura with both HTML5 and Flash plugins. (docs)
  • DoubleClick – purchased by Google in 2007 provides ads to Kaltura players in both HTML5 and Flash. (docs)
  • PLYMedia – read more on PLYmedia Exchange page. (docs)
  • Comscore – analytics engine, considered as a standard in the media industry. (docs)
  • Nielsen — Nielsen analytics provides deep audience information and video analytics. (docs)
  • Omniture – Omniture Analytics plugin also used for robust page and video analytics. (docs)

Stay Up to Date:

We have setup an Announcement Email List to keep users of the library apprised of updates to our CDN hosted Javascript at This is a low volume announcement only email list. For group development discussion, please sign up for the kaltura-html5-dev mailing list.
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As always, our Forum and IRC Channel are open for support requests.

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