How to Use Video Throughout the HR Lifecycle: Separation

video in employee lifecycle separation

Even the best things in life come to an end. And that includes both the employee lifecycle and our series on it. While video hopefully has helped with your retention, at some point every employee moves on.

It’s always painful when valued employees go. Use video to smooth that transition for everyone involved.

Tips for Using Video for Separation

  • Try using video exit polls. An HR rep can record a message that feels more personal than a form. Then intersperse it with structured questions and answers departing employees can easily choose between so you can gather data on why people leave and how to improve their experience.
  • It’s time for another series of videos on procedures! Record a series of short videos answering common questions, like what equipment needs to be turned over or how to roll over a 401k.
  • One of the worst things about losing someone is watching all that institutional knowledge walk out the door. Have departing employees record themselves for an easy, less labor-intensive way of preserving knowledge. Make sure those videos are available to their colleagues and successors to make transitions easier.

Of course, once an employee has left, we’re back to attraction. And so the cycle begins again!

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