How to Use Video Throughout the HR Lifecycle: Recruiting

Tips for using video for recruiting

We’re on a journey through the employee lifecycle, looking at how video can streamline HR operations. Last week, we talked about attraction. Now that we’ve attracted the right employee candidates, it’s time to make some decisions. How can video help with recruiting efforts?

Once you’ve collected your pool of candidates, narrowing down the list to pick the right one can be time-consuming and difficult. Creating videos can keep the process moving faster.

Tips for Using Video for Recruiting

  • Have the hiring manager record a short video explaining what success for this position will look like. Getting a more informal description than just the list of desired attributes can get people focused on what’s actually most important for the position. Circulate it to interviewers to get everyone on the same page.
  • Especially when more senior personnel are involved, scheduling interviews is always one of the most frustrating parts of the hiring process! Getting something on all the stakeholders’ schedules, for multiple candidates, can feel impossible. And then, most of the time, everyone ends up asking mostly the same questions anyway. Instead, try asking each stakeholder to give specifics on the core competencies they’re looking for. Then record one interview with one key stakeholder, asking the questions from the group. Circulate the video internally (make sure it’s locked down so only invited viewers can watch!). Everyone can grade based off the list of competencies. The best part is, people can watch the video whenever it’s convenient to them, even if that’s at 8pm at night for one person or 9am sharp for another.

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