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How to Use Video Throughout the HR Lifecycle: Enablement

using video for enablement

Last week in our series on using video throughout the employee lifecycle, we talked about how to use video for onboarding. But HR’s responsibilities don’t end once a new employee has started. If nothing else, someone needs to make sure that new employee can use all the systems HR has put into place. When it comes to enablement, video is a fantastic way to cut out the repetitive conversations and zero in on more productive ones.

You may already be able to give the spiel on how to fill out the corporate travel forms in your sleep. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have to answer the same question from three different people in the next week! Video is a great way to stop having to repeat yourself.

Tips for Using Video for Enablement

  • Record short, simple videos on how to get started with each of the major systems people need to access. That might include the travel system, the purchasing system, the benefits portal, or even platforms like Salesforce, SharePoint, Teams, WebEx, or other commonly used tools.
  • Make an FAQ. Then, every time you get a question, you can just send the relevant link. How do you book a flight? Here’s the video! How do you put in a leave request? Here’s a video! With a clear screenshare walking people through the steps, you’ll spend a lot less time hovering over shoulders and trouble-shooting.
  • Some companies have also had great success in increasing participation in important benefits by using interactive videos to get people excited about 401k or wellness programs.

Next week: Development.

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