How to Use Video Throughout the HR Lifecycle: Development

video in employee lifecycle development

We’ve gotten our new employees set up, in our weekly series here on using video throughout the employee lifecycle, and ensured their enablement is well taken care of. But HR’s responsibility to employees doesn’t end when an employee gets to work. How can video help streamline ongoing learning and development?

Training isn’t just part of onboarding—really valuable employees will keep learning throughout their career. Bringing in trainers can get expensive, though, especially if not everyone needs the same training at the same time.

Tips for Using Video for Development

  • Webcasting can be a great way to do live training at scale. Q&A and polls keep that spark of live interaction. But if anyone does miss out, an automatic conversion to VOD can make it easy for them to catch up.
  • Training videos don’t have to be formal expensive things produced by outside companies! In fact, one of the best ways to increase your company’s knowledge pool is to encourage employees to create their own training videos—on best practices, how-tos, and updates to market conditions. They’re more on top of what their colleagues need than you can be—help them help each other.
  • Here’s another great place for embedding quizzes directly into videos.
  • Using branching pathways, so learners get a learning path customized to their choices, has been very successful for some learning and development teams.
  • Use the results of those quizzes and interactive videos to drive gamification, for a fun, competitive spirit.
  • Predictive analytics are starting to emerge. Using data standards such as xAPI to gather information from across the organization can make it possible to create just-in-time training plans to lower injury rates, build customized development plans to encourage promotion from within, predict ahead of time whether compliance requirements will be met and intervene before there’s a problem, and more.

Next week: Retention.

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