How to Use Video Throughout the HR Lifecycle: Attraction

Today’s employees are different. As more of the workforce is made up of Millennials and Gen Z starts moving in, we’re looking at employees who are digital natives. They’re highly visual, they don’t like text, and they prize connection and collaboration. They bounce between multiple screens and they turn to YouTube as a search engine to find information, learn new skills, and follow influencers. They simply love video.

But they do follow the exact same lifecycle within the organization as previous generations-attraction,recruiting, onboarding, enablement, development, retention, separation. The messages today’s HR departments need to send are the same as they always were, but the challenges are higher and more important than ever. HR must adjust the medium to the change or the cycle will be broken.

It’s time to try video. Let’s talk to employees in their own language. It’s time to leverage that video obsession to find more engaged employees…with less stress for you.

Over the next couple weeks, take a journey through the employee lifecycle and find out how to use video better at every stage.

Stage 1. Attraction

You need to get the attention, not just of candidates in general, but the right candidates. That means your company needs to stand out from your competitors. Video provides the perfect medium to showcase your company culture.

Tips for Using Video to Attract New Employees

  • Include video about working for your company not only on your site, or in your social media presence, but also within job postings. Spread it around the ecosystem.
  • Authenticity can win over polish. (It’s also cheaper.) Showcase your corporate culture by recording your employees’ testimonials and including candid footage around the office.
  • Promote your recruiting videos internally and provide them to employees so they can easily share them and attract their friends.
  • Some companies have done well with interactive videos as recruiting tools. Let
    candidates try out a day in the life in your company. Interactive videos allow them to change their experience depending on the choices they make. It’s fun, engaging, and gives them a better idea of how they would fit in. Let candidates self-select to find the ones who will succeed in our organization.

Next week: Recruiting.

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