How to Roll Out Your Video Solution

How to roll out your video solution

So you’ve made your decision, gotten the budget, and chosen a video platform. Here are some strategies and tips that have worked well in other organizations to successfully roll out your video solution:

1. Create a roll-out plan.

Consider the timing of when you are going to launch. Whether it’s a semester start for universities or a typical company-wide vacation period – take this into account when deciding on the best time to roll out your business video solution. “As soon as possible” may sound good but might not be the best time for a go live. Also check when resources for supporting going live will be available. Finally, determine if you have any third-party dependencies that may speed things up or slow things down.

2. Determine the resources you need.

Allocate the correct resources. These will vary according to the type of solution you go with. Some more customized solutions will require dev support or integration resources. But for the most part, just having a dedicated resource to lead and organize business and technical issues is ideal.

3. Create initial content

Start by defining the content organization and taxonomies, and then create some short (and fun) videos explaining these to users. Make it easy for people to start. Besides, you don’t want your users’ first encounter with the new platform to be a bunch of empty pages!

4. Spread the word

Video is exciting and once people know about these new capabilities everyone is going to want to get on board. So make sure everyone knows! Create a buzz internally and get leadership involved before launch or as a way to get traffic to the new content. Some cool ideas our customers have used when launching a new solution:

  • Naming competition for the new video portal
  • Leadership communication (in a video of course!)
  • Campaigns and competitions – have users create their own content and share it to increase engagement and get people started

A little advance planning, and you’ll be ready to roll out your video solution in style!

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