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How to Make Great Video: Brainstorming for Your Next Video

Video production tips

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here.
In the last post, we finished editing your video. That’s it! You’re done! Now, it’s time to start thinking about your next video.
Sometimes, it’s obvious where to go next. If your first video was the beginning of a natural series (like a lecture capture recording or a video of a regularly occurring meeting or webcast), then your next stop is obvious. But what if you said what you were going to say, and now you’re not sure what to tackle? Once you’ve made one video, you may find you’re itching to experiment more. It’s time for some brainstorming for video ideas.

Great Common Uses for Videos

brainstorming for video ideasHow-to Videos

Video can be an amazing way to teach a skill or pass on expertise. Are you the master of a particular technique? Maybe you’re the office expert on a particular piece of software or equipment. Whether you’re demonstrating the proper way to set up an experiment on camera, taking a screen capture of how to fill out a common form, or explaining to your audience the sales techniques that helped you break your record last quarter, video is a fast and easy way to get colleagues and students up to speed.
How can you tell what to share? Start with a question you’re really tired of answering. The next time someone asks you what the citation page is supposed to look like or how to fill out the travel expenses form or even what combination of buttons makes the office microwave stop burning popcorn, send them the video.


Maybe you’re new to the group. Or maybe you just got a new class or a new group of colleagues. Make it easy for people to recognize you and start building a relationship by making a quick video introducing yourself.

Sharing Your Passions

You’re incredibly excited about something. Why not spread that excitement? Create a short video about your latest discovery or accomplishment so people can join in.

Keep Your Colleagues in the Loop

When everyone is busy with their own projects, it can get hard to keep up with what your colleagues are working on. Make it easy by posting short updates on what you’re working on, what you can offer collaborators, and even what challenges you’d welcome help with. Make it informal and fun to spark interest.

So What’s Your Next Video Project?

It’s up to you! But now that you’ve acquired the skills for making great videos, don’t be surprised if new ideas start occurring to you all the time. Or if colleagues start coming up to you to ask for your video secrets. (If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can always refer them back to here.)
Good luck brainstorming for video ideas for your next video!

That’s the end of this series, but you can always re-read from the beginning.


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