How To Increase Video SEO Using In-Video Chapters Driven By Cue-Points

In the last post in Maximizing video SEO series we discussed how to take advantage of Kaltura’s platform and to make search engines understand the videos on your site.
This post will guide you how to make search engines identify your video chapters, thus recognizing more data from your video and increasing your video SEO.
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Creating Chapters

Increasing the video SEO is achieved using cue points, part of Kaltura’s time based data features.
In the Social Enterprise Vidoe Demo Landing Page we divided the video into ten different chapters. You can use Cue Points Service API, and add Code Cue Points for every chapter in the video.

Creating Different landing pages

Creating different landing pages for every chapter might seem cumbersome to implement and maintain, however, using a few Apache mod_rewrite tweaks, this can be easily achieved. If you want to learn more about mod_rewrite and .htaccess files check out this great blog post.
In our example we used an .htaccess file on the example folder that redirects all chapter links to the same php landing page. In your .htaccess file:

  1. Enable the mod rewrite engine by adding: RewriteEngine ON
  2. The redirect is done by adding the following two rewrite  rules:
    RewriteRule ^chapter/([0-9])$ chapter/$1/ [L]
    RewriteRule ^chapter/([0-9])/$ index.php?chapter=$1 [L]

You might need to enable the mod_rewrite module:

  1. Add: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ to your Apache configuration file and restart the Apache server.

You can also use the .htaccess file instead of adding it to your main httpd.conf file, be sure your virtual folder “allowOverride” attribute  is set to “Indexes FileInfo” to allow the .htaccess to override the default Apache settings.

The Social Enterprise Vidoe Demo Landing Page is a generic solution that will work for any Kaltura Video Entry and for every Kaltura Publisher Account (Eagle+) that has Code-Cue-Points enabled. Download the source code, Edit the index.php file, Fill in your publisher id (aka partner id), your KMC email and password, The Video Entry ID and uiConf id of the player instance you wish to use and you’ll be all set to go.
Check out the different landing pages for our Social Enterprise video –

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Social Video
  3. Social Video
  4. Video as Part of the Social Media Strategy
  5. The Components for Succssful Social Video
  6. The Challange of Implementing Social Video Applications
  7. Social Video Using Kaltura
  8. Welcome to the Social Enterprise
  9. Closure and Thanks for Watching!
  10. Contact Us

Download and fork the source code from our GitHub at Video Chapters By Cue Points.
Let us know in the comments if you found this useful and if you’d like to get more inside tips on Video SEO.
*Note: the demo landing page relays on history.pushState function that is not supported on IE6 – IE9. to see the full compatibility tables check:

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