How to Connect with Today’s Students: Video Emails for Education

video emails for education

Today’s students are increasingly video obsessed – from Instagram Stories to TikTok, they’re communicating with each other with short video messages. Now, that doesn’t mean that instructors should be stalking their students on social media to get their attention. But while email is still one of the more practical forms of communication, it’s going to need a little help to get students’ attention.

Enter video email – email messages with videos that allow instructors (and others) to see whether or not the recipient actually watched the video.

Who can use video emails for education?

Video emails are great for anyone who wants their messages to stand out from the clutter of the inbox. Here are just a couple of ways educators and their colleagues can take advantage of video emails.


Uses: Seminar announcements, personal feedback, instructions for homework.

ApproachI am sending my students several type of messages: general announcements, instructions and sometimes personal messages, mostly to answer questions and further explain learned topics.

Alumni Officers

Uses: Announcements (reunion, campus updates, etc.), personal reach out.

ApproachI reach out to our alumni with updates, announcements and invitations for events.

Admissions Officers

Uses: Check-ins (“Semi-Personal” video email reach out), welcome message. (Did you know that 87% of prospective students considered personalization in their communications during the application process to be an influential factor in their school choices?)

Approach: I reach out for potential students with personal messages introducing them with our university and inviting them for a meeting in the campus. I try to keep personal connection with all the students I connect with.

Student Advisors

Uses: Personal reach out, follow ups, helpful resources.

Approach: I reach out to students to help them set their academic goals and to make sure they’re on track.


Uses: Weekly updates, holiday greetings.

Approach: I am sending weekly updates to my faculty and staff, keeping them updated on university policies, news, and requirements.

What else can you do with video emails for education? We look forward to seeing what creative educators come up with!

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