How Students are Changing the Approach to Lecture Capture

In our recent survey “The State of Video in Education 2018”, we wanted to know how today’s educators were thinking about lecture capture. We asked how many schools were already using lecture capture, and where.

It turns out that lecture capture is still at an early stage of full-scale adoption. Some institutions have jumped in whole-heartedly. Others are still not ready to begin or even sure how much they want to commit to.

5% of respondents are already recording three quarters to all of their classes; however, an additional 11% want to get to that point in the future. 10% record more than half of their classes (with 31% aspiring to that state).

In total 69% of schools already use lecture capture. 88% either use it or intend to in the future.

Which Classrooms Ar

e Captured?

What kind of classroom are you recording

At the moment, however, half the schools surveyed that are capturing classrooms capture only up to 25% of their classes. (There is some discrepancy in the number of respondents recording “no classes” versus “no classrooms.”)

Which classes are being captured? It’s not surprising from the above results that most capture just a few large lecture halls, just a few cutting-edge experiential classrooms, or a small combination of the two (with the combination being the most popular option).

Why Do Students Like Lecture Capture?

As we noted in our post last week, while 52% of our webinar participants thought the drive towards lecture capture was coming from the administration, 28% actually thought the pressure was from students.

We’ve been thinking about why students seem to like lecture capture so much. After asking around, we found out – there’s not just one reason. So we made this infographic showing some of the many reasons students love lecture capture.

7 types of students who love lecture capture

Want to know more about how schools approach lecture capture and other types of educational video? Check out the State of Video in Education 2018.

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