How Employees Thought About Video in 2018

How employees thought about video in 2018

At the end of last year, we released our “State of Video in the Enterprise 2018” report, having surveyed employees from around the world about how they and their employers were using video.

We followed up with a webinar presenting the results. But we couldn’t help ourselves – we took the opportunity to take some polls of the attendees to learn even more about how employees thought about video at the end of 2018.

Let’s take a look at the results!

Where People Make Videos – For Personal Use or For Work?

We’d gotten some surprising data in our survey about for what purpose people actually created video, and we wanted to see if our webinar attendees would be surprised, too. So we started off with a basic question: Where do people make the most video today?

Where do people make the most video today

The majority of people thought that people were creating most of their video at home, for personal use. Interestingly, though, when we’d surveyed employees, we got a more surprising result:

We make as much video at work as we do at home

Very slightly more employees report creating one or more videos every month at work than they do in their personal lives!

Trends in Video Use

How is this affecting the way organizations use video in general?

How do you see video use changing in your organization

It’s not surprising that 91% of respondents view video use as increasing in their organization.

But where is that video being used?

Departments Where Video Use Is Growing

We wanted to know in which areas they saw video use increasing. For this question, we let them choose more than one answer. Unsurprisingly, given the diversity of industries and positions of the folks who attend our webinars, we got a wide range of answers.

How do you see video use changing in your organization

Learning and development is the winner for individual departments pushing ahead with increased video use, but the responses were pretty well spread out. 38%, though, reported that all the departments are increasing their use of video.

Reasons Why to Use Video

So why is video use growing so much? We asked our attendees what they thought the most compelling benefit of video was.

How do you see video use changing in your organization

We’ve got a pretty even split between video being a better way to get audiences’ attention, making messages more personal, and helping people learn better.

What Kind of Videos Get Recorded for Work

Now we got a little more personal. We knew a lot from the report about the many kinds of videos being created by employees. But we wanted to know which kinds of videos our attendees preferred to make themselves.

How do you see video use changing in your organization

A major winner is what we call “get people off your back” videos. (These are videos that people create to answer questions they get asked a lot.) This is on of our personal favorite kinds of videos to make, too. It’s such a relief to be able to answer a complicated question with a link to a video. So much better than having to explain over and over and over again. But our respondents were also big fans of team cheerleading and product demos.

The Future of Video for Business

Finally, we addressed some of the coming trends in video. We wanted to know what our attendees were most interested in.

Which of the following emerging video trends would you like to learn more about

Interactive videos is a huge winner here. (We think it’s pretty nifty, too.)  Interestingly enough, some of the interest is less for cutting edge applications and more for making it easier to use video. Both “integrating videos into the platforms we already use” and “consolidating so we can use fewer video tools to do more things” received significant minority votes. It makes sense; fancy new tools are awesome, but only if you can actually work them into your daily workflows.

If you want to dive deeper into how employees thought about video in 2018, you can read the “State of Video in the Enterprise 2018” report and see for yourself.

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