How Businesses Really Used Video in 2017

Last month, we ran a webinar sharing the results of our State of Video in the Enterprise survey from 2017. During the webinar, though, we also asked our participants some questions about how their businesses really used video last year.

Watching Video for Business

How much video are people actually watching as part of their jobs? We asked our attendees what their viewing habits had been in the last month.
number of videos watched for work
Three quarters of our attendees had watched five or more work-related videos in the last month, and almost half had watched more than 10!

Video Creation Habits

Watching is always easier than making new videos, though. What did this mean for video creation?
number of videos created for work
Some of our respondents had not created any of their own videos, but two-thirds had made at least one. And 14% had made more than 10 videos in the last month alone. That’s a lot of video!

Using Video to Engage Sales Prospects

One trend we’ve been seeing more of lately is using video to help sales teams bring in prospects and close deals. We wanted to see how many of our participants were using video for sales.
How many use video to engage prospects as part of sales
The majority of respondents are using video to help reach prospects, but mostly still under the management of marketing. Getting easy video creation tools into the hands of salespeople is still in its early days.

What’s Webcasting Good For?

Another big trend we’ve seen is increasing use of webcasting for multiple purposes throughout the organization. We wanted to know what our attendees thought the best use of webcasting is.
What's your favorite use for webcasting?
While a lot of the conversation around webcasting is often about big town hall meetings and marketing events (both of which were reasonably popular), half our respondents like webcasting best for training and onboarding. So expect to see a lot more webcasts in the first days for new employees.

Want to know what else we discussed about how businesses really used video in 2017? Watch the full webinar “How Businesses Used Video in 2017 and What’s Next.”

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