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Highlights from The Community Leadership Summit (Video)

When was the last time you have been to a conference with no pre-defined schedules, no official presentations, no slides, very few sponsors but full of professionals who master their craft and eager to share their thoughts. Sounds awesome? Well, welcome to The Community Leadership Summit (CLS).
The conference took place in Portland, Oregon last week, just before OSCON started. As always, we found it to be super useful and a lot of fun. Most of the participants were Community Managers from a variety of fields. The sessions were all round-table discussions led by conference participants. Some of the most talked about sessions were: Gamification War Stories, Community Metrics, How to Deal with A#!holes, Internationalization, Can Webinars Die? etc.
Since we found CLS to be such a helpful experience, we wanted to share with you the interviews we filmed there. We asked our interviewees what were the most interesting sessions, what they had learned, what makes a good Community Manager, and what trends they are seeing in community management.
Please enjoy and share. For more details about the sessions, check out the CLS wiki.
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