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Hackathon 2020 – Innovation Meets Nostalgia

Lisa Bennett
Updated March 6 2020
Kaltura Hackathon 2020
Lisa Bennett
Updated March 6 2020

Our annual internal hackathon has quickly become one of my favorite times of year at Kaltura.  Who would have thought that one of the most non-technical people at the company would look forward to such a technical event each year?


Why – you may ask – do I eagerly anticipate the Hackathon? Well, first of all, it’s fun. 3 days filled with a super creative theme that is then brought to life via a series of events, videos, communication and give-aways – what could be bad, right?


But far beyond the fun, is the fact that for a few days every year, we break the routine, we branch out, and we innovate. It turns out that when you empower people to go beyond their day-to-day framework, and get creative, the sky is the limit. And the energy is infectious.

So what did Hackathon 2020 bring to the table?


First off, theme of nostalgia, which brought us back to beloved old TV shows, nostalgic music, games and event candy, was just pure fun.


And most importantly, with a record breaking 106 Kalturians in 26 teams, so many cool ideas emerged from the 3 days of hacking, many of which can be wrapped up, packaged and delivered to customers soon enough.


From apps to save the planet, to hiring efficiency, and an office admin bot, we then saw cloud TV innovations, optimization tools for processing jobs, and managing tasks, automated report presentations for analytics, and full-blown product enhancements that ran the gamut of Kaltura’s offerings.


Here are just a few examples of some of the interesting innovations that emerged:

  • An adoption and engagement tool engine that sits directly within the Kaltura products. (Shameless plug – this was my team’s project – we didn’t win, but hey, we can be first in the round-up) With points, goals and badges, along with a very useful activity log, this great tool enables Kaltura buyers to make the most of their investment in video, and users enjoy the power of video.
  • A built-in teleprompter within the Kaltura player. While this may seem like a small feature, just imagine how many times you’ve had to turn on your camera and give a video pitch, and found yourself doing 15 takes cause you just cant get it right! Now imagine that you had a little teleprompter built into the webcam recorder, right at eye level, with editable text and more.
  • Think Instagram Stories built into Kaltura – a cute little widget that drives usage, and fits today’s social animals – Kaltura Stories sit right within our products and allow users to share in the way they are increasingly getting used to in almost any collaborative, social platform.
  • And the list goes on and on….


Ultimately, the winners ranged from a cool live stream solution for creating a single live stream that is then distributed live to any and all channels – super easy and useful – to a project that enables elastic job processing by expanding processing capabilities to the cloud.


There’s no doubt that something magical happens at our annual hackathon – there is a general sense of fun and even silliness, while at the same time, intense and passionate work takes place, and it’s inspiring to see what amazing creations emerge within just a few short days. I am already looking forward to next year!

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