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Hackathon 2016

We rung in the new year with our annual Hackathon!
Teams of determined coders from across Kaltura waged a fierce programming battle for the title.


In the end, the victory went to a team of Dana Farber, Ziv Hundert, Oren Melamed, and Omri Katz. Their project:

SMACK your content!
Social Media Audience Conversion by Kaltura

Smack creates a personalized movie trailer showcasing latest movies and TV watched by a user, all wrapped in a themed cool clip. Smacked content appears when OTT users enter the site, allowing them to share their clip directly to social media with a call to action, such as a link to a specific movie or TV show present in the clip! Once a social media friend clicks on the content, they are directed to the content’s landing page. Here, they can view the content immediately, up to a certain point, where they then find another call to action to subscribe/purchase in order to continue watching. This sort of incremental advertising turns current OTT users into social media ambassadors, introducing new potential targeted audiences to interesting content, hooking them with a sample of the content they were interested in, and then leading them to an easy purchase or registration process to close the loop.
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