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How to Make Great Videos: Setting Up to Record High Quality Audio

Video production tips

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here.
Not everyone has access to a full studio. But a few easy steps can make a big difference. In this post, we’ll talk about some simple steps for high quality audio.
There are steps you can take to get high quality audio, such as lavalier mics and the like. But we’re assuming you’re not looking to acquire more equipment, just do more with the equipment you have.
The best way to end up with a high-quality audio recording without needing additional equipment is to reduce all the noise you don’t want. Start by finding a room that’s quiet and closing the door. Try to avoid recording your video in a room where you can hear other people talking, lots of machines humming, or a lot of street noise. Record a few seconds of ambient noise, and then play it back in a different room. Sometimes we get used to continuous noise—the buzz of the radiator, the hiss of the air conditioner, the whirr of a hard drive, the roar of traffic on a nearby street—and stop hearing it. Playing it back in a different environment will give you a sense of whether the room you chose is actually going to sound quiet to your viewers or if there will be annoying background noises.
Next, turn off your phone and your email reminders. You don’t want to get halfway through a recording and have a device starting buzzing or ringing.
Next time, we’ll talk about backgrounds. We’ve also got a short video on recording with CaptureSpace Lite.

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