Goodbye CaptureSpace

Kaltura CaptureSpace replacement

When we introduced CaptureSpace back in 2015, we were excited to offer an easy way to create rich media right from your desktop. While the capture tool has served us well, its time has come to an end. After June 2019, we will no longer be supporting Kaltura CaptureSpace. Instead, Kaltura Personal Capture will fully replace CaptureSpace as our personal video and rich media creation tool.

Hello, Kaltura Personal Capture!

We debuted Kaltura Personal Capture more than 10 months ago, and we’re delighted that the majority of our clients have already embraced the new tool.

Video is an integral part of communicating in today’s workplace. Designed with you in mind, Kaltura Personal Capture offers users a simpler, more intuitive workflow and cohesive design encouraging more video creation than ever before. Some of the reasons we love it:

  • – User-centric, cohesive design
  • – Automatic slide detection
  • – Deeply integrated into your Kaltura product suite


See the kids’ resulting videos here.

Moving from Kaltura CaptureSpace to Kaltura Personal Capture

If you haven’t made the leap yet, it’s time. Fortunately, it’s easy! Since both tools upload videos to the same place, everything your users created and uploaded from CaptureSpace is already where it needs to be. No file migration necessary. All the files created with CaptureSpace are in standard formats that will continue to be easily read by your Kaltura players.

Deploying Personal Capture is straightforward.

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with Kaltura Personal Capture

Goal: Be the very first user.

How: We recommend first deploying Kaltura Personal Capture on a development or on a staging environment. If you do not have such an environment, you can enable Kaltura Personal Capture on your main environment and provide permission to specific users only.

What: Use Kaltura Personal Capture as your users would use it. Try the different features and gain a better understanding of how these features apply to your organizational needs.

Step 2. Early Adopters

Goal: Engage expert users.

How: Work with a small group of users that champion the use of video within your organization. Introduce them to Kaltura Personal Capture and collect feedback on how they will use Kaltura Personal Capture for their needs. You can enable Kaltura Personal Capture on your production environment only for these users via the Admin module. You can read more about configuring Kaltura Personal Capture for specific users in the Get Started Admin Guide.

What: By engaging users you can gain better insight into how Kaltura Personal Capture will be utilized in your organization. These early adopters will naturally become expert users. A group of users championing the product will ease deployment across the organization.

Step 3: Wide Access

Goal: Enable Kaltura Personal Capture for all users.

How: Update the configuration in the Kaltura Personal Capture module to enable access to all users. We have multiple resources available for users including Get Started User Guide and various training videos available on the Kaltura Learning website.

What: Empower users to create content anywhere and share video experiences with others. Enrich the viewing experience with multiple streams, interactive viewing, easy slide navigation, and in-video search.

Now that CaptureSpace is sunsetting, it's time for a new personal capture tool.

Learn more about Personal Capture.

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