The Golden Age of Online Video Quizzing

The Golden Age of Online Video Quizzing

Online video quizzes are
A) Awesome
B) Easy
C) Affordable
D) All the above

Answer: D, of course.

People love to quiz and be quizzed using video online. Just look at HQ Trivia’s success. Since launch in August 2017, it’s grown rapidly drawing over 100,000 viewers for some episode and raising millions in investment.

We live in a golden age of online video quizzing. If you’re in education or a business that uses video internally, take note: There’s no need for elaborate television sets with celebrities and ladders to create compelling quizzes. With Kaltura you can create them with ease online and share among employees or students.

Rutgers is one of the many institutions using quizzes on their Kaltura platform – click here to see their video on the process.

For educators, quizzes generate analytics on whom answered what questions correctly, when and where. This is incredibly helpful for teachers trying to assess student engagement. For students, it allows them to learn from anywhere, anytime in a fun, interactive way. Quizzes are particularly helpful for remote learners, and it gives them feedback immediately without having to wait for review.

Enterprises can also use quizzes for training and learning. Again, analytics help employers gauge the sense of understanding employees possess. Having a master quiz ensures language used is the same across the company on a specific issue.

Quizzing is evolving and we’re happy to help more and more higher-education institutions and businesses incorporate them into their online video language.

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