Go Global with Kaltura Multi-Lingual Captions

Kaltura has extended and improved support for multi lingual captions, allowing you to upload SRT or timed-text caption files directly to the KMC, in multiple languages and formats. Using multi-lingual captions, you can extend your reach to new audiences and geographies, increasing the number of views, click-through rates and monetization.

Captions Search App

Adding captions to your videos allows your users to search for a specific phrase within a library of videos, and the search results will direct the user to the exact point in the video where the phrase appears (currently in-video search is available using the API only). This means that each fragment in your videos can be indefinitely relevant and easily discoverable, if you’d like it to be, even if the content is old. Think about your viewers who can now search a video for their favorite quote or search a library of news videos for everything related to …New York City, for example. Think about a student who can now search through Physics lecture videos for Newton’s Law, or an employee who can search through a library of corporate communication videos for information regarding sustainability. This is just a small preview of what you can do with Kaltura’s in-video search.
This video tutorial will show you how to add captions to videos through the KMC. Try it for yourself, start a trial account on Stay tuned in January for a demo page with code samples that will demonstrate the in-video search functionality.

[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”5738431″ entryid=”1_58jsw1tu” width=”551″ height=”330″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /]KMC Tutorial – Multi Lingual Captions

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