Getting the Most (Engagement) from Your Webcast

getting better webcast engagement

While the benefits of webcasting (especially for the audience) are clear, sometimes it takes a little attention to detail to get the full effect. Webcasting is an amazing tool for getting viewers more engaged than some of the more traditional outreach efforts. But how do you make sure your audience is really paying attention? Here’s a couple quick tips for getting better webcast engagement.

1. Use polls.

Audience starting to lose focus? A quick poll is a great way to gauge interest and tailor your webcast. It’s also a fun little burst of interactivity that will get audience re-engaged with the broadcast.

2. Encourage them to take advantage of multiple video streams.

If you’ve got more than one video feed, take advantage of it! Encourage your viewers to switch between streams, swap between picture-in-picture and side-by-side, and really focus on the part of the content they’re most interested in. Whether they’re the type to examine each slide in detail or more interested in face-to-face contact, let them choose their own views.

3. Answer questions, and not just at the end.

The more interactivity you can encourage, the more your audience will engage. Don’t keep questions confined to a Q&A at the end. Instead, answer on air throughout the presentation, as questions come up. Using an “answer on air” feature helps keep the audience following along, plus makes the recording easier to watch later.

Remember, a webcast shouldn’t just be the same list of points you would have made in an email. It’s a chance to really engage with your audience. Have fun!

Interested in getting better webcast engagement in your next broadcast? Watch the webinar “3 Ways to Engage Your Webcasting Attendees” for more details.

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