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Getting Started With Your Townhall for APAC in 2021: Measuring Success

Rebecca Rozakis
Updated February 25 2021
Getting Started With Your Townhall for APAC in 2021 header
Rebecca Rozakis
Updated February 25 2021


In this three-part series, we’ll be breaking down the details that all APAC leaders should know in order to plan a successful webcast from start to finish – and how Kaltura can help turn a technical nightmare into an employee branding success story.


In our last article, we discussed webcasting options and shared helpful tips for presenters, moderators and the production team.


Now, it’s time to examine what happens after the lights go down – and outline the areas you can count on Kaltura to help with when planning your next video event.


After The Webcast Is Over


You finished the live event! Hooray, you’re done! …well, not exactly.


Before everything fell apart, VOD for your webcast was a good idea. Sometimes people miss events. Sometimes they want to review them again later.


But now, it’s absolutely critical. Expecting people to work a linear 8 hours is just not realistic, especially in a region where many countries clock long hours and calls with other regions stretch out the working day.


Even with domestic help, employees who live in multi-generational households may struggle to make time for an out of hours all-hands call – so it’s best to assume a proportion of your audience would appreciate the option of watching your event on demand.


So, make sure you have a plan to cater for this need. You’re going to want your webcast recording to end up somewhere easy for people to find.


If you want to make things easy on yourself, having your recording stay at the same URL as the live event and converting to VOD automatically will make life much easier. But, this strategy also comes with its downsides (and potentially a whole pile of unmarked video files to sort through).


You need something easy to manage, with metadata and captions for easy search and discovery later.

dashboard for monitoring webcast production from home

Making It Pay Off: Moving into the Future


Here’s the good news. While the current limitations make webcasting a little more challenging, solving these problems now will pay off in the future.


Even as life in many countries within APAC is slowly getting back to normal (albeit with a few more restrictions on travel and group sizes than before), some things look set to have changed for good.


The amount we work from home (or away from our houses and workplaces altogether) looks set to change, and flexible hours are also close to being fully normalised by industries who were previously change resistant. And, most importantly for us, we’ve all gotten far more comfortable with video as a medium. Will we get back to more formal and polished communications styles, or just adjust to a far more intimate and casual look in general? It’s too early to say.


In general, the trend towards increased webcasting has accelerated dramatically. So, if you can manage to master easy to use and reliable webcasting now, you’ll have a powerful tool available to use in the future.


With Kaltura, you can easily broadcast an event of any size – whether you’re streaming a global conference or a departmental meeting. From live streaming to on-demand video, self-serve to full white glove production services, corporate communications to customer and partner events – Kaltura offers you a flexible and reliable end-to-end solution for all your live video communication needs.


The Offering:


  • Streamlined workflow, including self-serve and Video Conferencing Integration options
  • Unlimited concurrent viewers
  • Advanced real-time analytics
  • Interactive capabilities such as moderated Q&A, slide sync, announcements and polls
  • Automated conversion to VOD, with a single events hub, interactive player, video editing, automatic transcription, translations and AI enrichment


If you’ve joined us at the end of our recipe for a successful webcasting experience, you can pick up at the start of our journey here or revisit the tech specs in our second article.


Townhall language Datasheet

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