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Get Actionable Insights from Your Video Data with New Kaltura Video Analytics

actionable insights from video analytics

This month, we’re thrilled to unveil the dashboards for the new video analytics we’ve been working on for the last year. They’re just the first in a series of exciting analytics tools we’re going to be rolling out for the rest of the year.

With these analytics dashboards, Kaltura Management Console (KMC) admins have powerful new tools for monitoring video usage and engagement by their viewers at a much more granular level. They can tease out the kind of insights they can actually use to optimize not only the performance of their video delivery, but the video content itself.


What Kind of Data Can You Find About Content in Kaltura Video Analytics?

examples of Kaltura video analyticsWith the dashboards introduced in April 2019, start off with data highlights and daily insights at the top of your dashboard. Then dive deeper. Check out how player impressions lead to engagement with a funnel of plays. Filter by media types, sources, tags, categories, and owners. Examine regional viewing patterns down to the city. Compare different time periods against each other. Admins now have access to data ranging from languages to types of devices.

Of course, this includes the obvious data, as well – get top watched videos, top shared videos, top contributors, and more. See individual viewing patterns, including heatmaps. Learn how long each viewer spent with each video. The new analytics gives you deep insight into the behavior of your viewers.

What Kinds of Questions Can You Answer with Kaltura Video Analytics?

The questions you can answer with these new video analytics are endless. But to spark your creativity, here are a few sample questions you may want to consider.

  • – What tool was used to create the most content?
  • – Which was your peak day in a given period?
  • – How has your campaign to drive engagement performed?
  • – Who are your leading creators?
  • – What browsers and devices are the most used to view content?
  • – Which videos are generating the greatest ROI?

What Kind of Logistics and Quality of Service (QoS) Data Can You Get?

Bandwidth and storage are easier to monitor than ever before. The new KMC analytics dashboards join some of the other dashboards we’ve been rolling out. REACH 2.0 includes its own centralized dashboard on captioning services usage, credits, requests, and billing reports. eCDN includes live dashboards for live and webcasting events, which we covered in detail in the post “Behind the Scenes of the Live Dashboard.” In the last year, Kaltura administrators have gained powerful tools that give them far more insight into the success of their video platform, so they can monitor exactly what’s going on and intervene before problems start.

What Other Analytics Can Be Used with Kaltura Video Analytics?

Kaltura is a leader in open data standards. Through xAPI and Caliper as well as Kaltura’s open APIs, it’s easy to marry your video data to other data sources, whether it’s grading systems, marketing and campaign analytics, learning results, HRIS platforms, or more. Predictive analytics just became that much more powerful. Import your data into popular analytics platforms including Google Analytics, Tableau, Marketo, and Eloqua, whether by integrating directly or exporting to CSV. Video analytics can be combined with your other data sources so you get the full picture.

The new Kaltura analytics are already available in the KMC for administrators to start exploring today!

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