From Open Capture Standard to Lecture Capture – Our Journey to Kaltura Lecture Capture

Kaltura Lecture Capture

simple lecture capture toolFor years, schools have been recording lectures. As storage costs decreased and technology improved, the volume of recordings has gone up. At the same time, students have become increasingly accustomed to turning to video first for answers in their everyday lives. Many students now expect to have all of their classes available online for them to revisit. Today, lecture capture has become an expected service in most higher ed institutions.
As lecture capture has become the biggest driver of video on many campuses, we felt that it’s time to see how we can take Kaltura’s unique approach to video and apply it here.

Breaking Down Walls with Open Standards

Our journey started with our customers. Over and over, customers approached us with the question “How do I bring all my existing content into Kaltura?” Many institutions leverage several rich media solutions to capture content in different areas from lecture capture to studio recordings. Naturally, they wanted to reuse these assets across platforms.
Instead of building complex projects to ingest different types of content, we decided to take a different approach. Why shouldn’t institutions be able to start with compatible video content to begin with? We wanted to break down the walled gardens so institutions could use their own content however they needed to, no matter the source. So we teamed up with IMS to co-chair the development of a new Open Capture Standard. The purpose is to standardize a format, allowing any captured content to get ingested to any central media management solution that supports it.

The Next Step: Scheduling Video Recordings

It’s one thing to ingest all content back into your media management platform, but how do you make it easier to record those lectures in the first place? The next step was improving the way institutions could manage and schedule recordings in advance.
Many institutions want to have a hands-free experience for their staff and not have them deal with different systems and setups. This led us to create the Recording Scheduling feature that enables administrators to schedule recordings with partner capture devices. Used the same way you schedule a meeting and book a conference room, Recording Scheduling allows administrators to book events and manage the recordings, as well as define where the recording will be published to.

Now: Full Lecture Capture

Our next step is creating our own Kaltura Lecture Capture software. Kaltura Lecture Capture is designed to be incredibly easy to use and to scale. For schools that are just getting started with lecture capture,  this can be a simple solution to get them going. For schools who already have existing solutions, Kaltura Lecture Capture offers a way to expand and record all classes.
Our focus with designing Kaltura Lecture Capture was creating a simple user experience and user interface. We had the professor in mind. Our imagined professor walks into the classroom and just wants to start teaching without having to deal with any recording setups. With Kaltura Lecture Capture, she can just click record. That’s it; a single click and she’s done.
We also thought about administrators who want to deploy this across the board. No need to download the recording software onto each individual classroom computer; we support managed deployments to allow you to scale without the additional headache. Once deployed, Kaltura Lecture Capture is fundamentally about making video management easy. It accepts recordings from any hardware using the Open Capture Standard as well as creating new recordings through the recording solution software, so all lectures from any size classroom can be managed in a single place.
Of course, everything that is ingested into Kaltura will leverage all the benefits you know and love in the Kaltura platform such as REACH, IVQ, and much more.
It’s been an exciting journey to get to this point. But we’re only getting started; from here, we’ll continue to develop our vision of the classroom of tomorrow in partnership with our forward-thinking customers. We’re thrilled to share this new product release and can’t wait for you to start using it!

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