FOMS 2015 SF; Meeting of the Minds Behind Browsers and Video Platforms

Kaltura was proud to sponsor the 2015 Foundations of Open Media Standards and Software (FOMS workshop) preceding the first Demuxed conference here in San Francisco at the Crunchyroll headquarters. FOMS was also supported by Google as a gold sponsor, Crunchyroll, and numerous professional delegates who attended from the likes of Netflix, Apple, Intel, Wikimedia, Twitch, Brightcove, JwPlayer,Wowza, Digital Primates, BuildAR, ConviU.
The FOMS workshop offered a rare opportunity for standards writers, browser engineers, video platform developers, and accessibility experts to interface to build the future of the open video web platform.
The full session notes are listed on the FOMS workshop proceedings, summarized here for convenience:

Adaptive Streaming Notes
Captions / WebVTT
Feature Detection Notes
adstitching Notes
Caption Formas & Text Descriptions
Low Latency Notes
WebVTT Editing

I would encourage folks to peruse the session summaries, many key insights were gained from the conference; from the inner workings of media source extensions, to closing of several key bugs in the road towards finalizing the WebVTT specification.

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