FOMS 2015 Report Back

FOMS 2015FOMS 2015 took place last Friday in Brussels, Belgium at mudo-b. It was a great workshop meeting where open media developers and advocates gathered to discuss shared challenges in multi-screen media delivery.
Representatives from key web player projects like video.js, jwplayer and kaltura player hashed out plans for improving cross player accessibility conventions. We also reviewed progress on adopting adaptive streaming protocols like DASH along with sharing efforts on existing HLS based plugins.

FOMS working meeting

Daala, the royalty free next-next generation codec was covered in detail. Daala aims to surpass quality of h.265 and vp9 later this year.  Ongoing IP challenges were outlined along with means for replacing heavily patented technology with alternative encoding approaches.
Finally we looked at live streaming and JavaScript based delivery of media segments. Peer5 outlined their open source stand in replacement for XHR requests that go over WebRTC peers. We looked at low latency streaming with Wowza and how discussed ad stitching considerations in http based delivery.
You can read detailed notes about the event sessions on the foms website
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Special thanks to the professional delegates from Mozilla, Brightcove, Wowza and JW Player as well as Kaltura for sponsoring the event.

foms thanks
FOMS 2015 was a great workshop this year, thanks !

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