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Extra-Fast Publishing

A popular requirement for news websites and video publishers is to publish videos as quickly as possible. Kaltura allows publishers to control video asset readiness by allowing them to configure the transcoding settings to their needs.
Kaltura’s platform supports ingestion of all forms of rich media (including video, images, audio, PDF, SWF files), and allows publishers to define different transcoding profiles, depending on the publishing needs. Additional transcoding flavors can easily be added for publishing across different devices. Kaltura’s transcoding decision engine supports more than 60 video and image formats as well as 140 video and audio codecs.

When a video is uploaded to Kaltura, the video is associated with a conversion profile, also known as a Transcoding Profile. A Transcoding Profile may be comprised of a single flavor or multiple flavors. For each upload session, you can select the Transcoding Profile. You can also set a default Transcoding Profile.
After uploading, the status of a video entry will not be ‘Ready’ for publishing until all of the required flavors are created. If multiple flavors are included in the profile, the conversion process may take awhile, which is sometimes not fast enough for breaking news videos.
Kaltura enables you to configure whether a certain video’s flavor is required or not for the entry itself to be ready.
For example, assuming the source flavor is a ‘playable’ entry created using h264 for web and mobile, you can configure h264 as required, and all other flavors as optional. The video will be ready for publishing immediately after the upload is complete. The other flavors are processed, created, and added to the entry in the background.

Configuring Transcoding Profiles

To configure a Transcoding Profile

  1. Select the Settings tab and then select Transcoding Settings.
    Transcoding KMC

The Default Transcoding Flavors window is displayed.

  1. On the lower left corner, click on Switch to Advanced Mode.
    Advanced Transcoding KMC
  2. Click Add New Profile.

The Add New Transcoding Profile window is displayed from which you can view your current Transcoding Profiles and create profiles for different use cases.
Add New Trascoding KMC

  1. Enter a Name and Description for the Transcoding Profile.
  2. Select the flavors out of the available flavors you have enabled on your account, to apply to the source video you upload.

The flavors you select turn into clickable links. 

  1. Edit the flavor’s options. (optional). Click on an active flavor name to open the flavor settings in this Transcoding Profile.
  2. For extra fast publishing, set the Impact On Entry Readiness field to Required for the minimum set of flavors and the rest of the flavors to Optional.(optional)
  3. Enter the entry ID for the default Metadata Settings.(optional)
  4. Click Create New to create the profile.

Now, using this method you’ll be able to publish your movies even faster.

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