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Expand your Reach with the Kaltura Exchange Partner Program

Having helped many ISVs, startups and organizations to increase their visibility and revenue via the Kaltura Exchange, we are delighted to expand our Technology Partner Program and invite more companies and developers to join. The Program is designed to provide our partners with the opportunities to enhance their own solutions with the Kaltura Online Video Platform capabilities, to build joint product and service offerings and to jointly develop marketing and sales strategies.
Kaltura‘s platform allows ISVs and developers to build and integrate a broad range of solutions and services to address a variety of requirements in different markets.
A quick look at the solution categories on the Kaltura Exchange can give you an idea of the types of solutions and services currently available.
See where you fit in!

Kaltura Exchange Overview

Kaltura also enables its customer and partner community to collaborate and work together on your solutions ideas via the Kaltura Community:
Kaltura has partnered with numerous organizations, ISVs and service providers with great success.  Finding common goals and working together with our partners has been an incredibly successful strategy, and we look forward to expanding the program to new organizations and introducing new tools and extra benefits for our partners.
I am delighted to welcome new Kaltura Exchange Partners who have just recently joined the program and completed integrations with the Kaltura Platform.

  • DoubleClick by Google  – integration with DFP – the total revenue management ad serving platform for video publishers.
  • FreeWheel integration with Monetization Rights Management® (MRM) to manage ad sales rights, forecast inventory, serve ads and analyze business performance
  • YuMeintegration with the complete set of video ad serving, inventory and revenue management tools
  • CoreMediaintegration with the powerful suite of Web Content Management solutions
  • WebTViewintegration with the unique set of capabilities to monetize video content through a range of connected devices
  • Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)integration with high-quality automated captioning technologies
  • attracTV integration with video widget  platform to engage viewers while they watch a video, and all these activities are tracked, monitored and analyzed
  • Redman Technologies enhanced online video service to upload REV videos from your mobile device

With the Kaltura Exchange Partner Program, you can focus on your core capabilities, utilize a top of the line video platform for your infrastructure, and bring innovation faster and more reliably to your customer base.
Here are some highlights for the program participants:

  • Kaltura prospect and customer base access
    Kaltura works with partners to extend their reach through the Kaltura prospect and customer networks, providing monthly newsletters, technical blog posts, and joint marketing and sales programs
  • Kaltura Video Technology access
    Free access to the Kaltura API, including the sample code generator, client libraries in popular programming languages (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Flex, JS and others),  UGC widgets, HTML5 Video Library, and more.
  • Tutorials, training and support
    Free educational tutorials, sample codes, video tutorials at the Kaltura Knowledge Center, training classes, technical discussions in the Kaltura Community,  technical support from the Community , certification programs and more.

Stay tuned as in the next Kaltura Exchange blog post we will discuss the Kaltura Platform integration points, developer tools, documentation and sample code links and the examples of the solutions which can be developed using particular integration points.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]  or leave a comment.

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