Emerging Video Tools

When we conducted our survey for the State of Video in the Enterprise, we wanted to know more than just generalities. We also asked about some specific emerging video technologies as well.


While webcasting has been around for a while, in the last year or two, it’s really started to come into its own. We wanted to know how companies were really using webcasting right now.

how does your organization approach webcasting

We defined webcasting as a media presentation, by a single or multiple speakers, distributed over the Internet to many simultaneous viewers. This is as opposed to web conferencing, which is an online meeting and collaboration solution.

We found that many organizations are increasingly using webcasting for large scale communications.

Over half (53%) of respondents’ companies run at least one webcast a year; a quarter of them average at least one a month. Of the respondents whose companies do not use webcasting, 38% wish that they did.

Meanwhile, large companies (more than 10,000 employees) have embraced webcasting even more strongly. More than three-quarters run at least one webcast a year. 46% of them run at least 13 a year, and 27% run more than 52 webcasts a year!

Only 19% report not using webcasting at all, and 53% of those wish that their company used webcasting.

Video Emails

Getting video to work in email has been a technical challenge, limited by the capabilities and restrictions of the many, many email clients out there. But combining the power of video with the ubiquity of email is a holy grail not just for marketers but also for any kind of communications.

In this case, we’re defining video emails as emails with a video component embedded, linking to a playable video. These usually use an image of the video player with a play button as the anchor, for easy identification and playback.

How does your organization approach video emails

Using video messages in emails is clearly also a rising trend. It’s no big surprise. Video emails are great both for communicating with colleagues or to reaching out to customers and prospects.

45% of companies are using videos in their emails, whether for internal or external communications. In total 66% are either using video-based emails or wish their company used them.

In large companies, as might be expected, these numbers were even higher. 59% reported that their companies already used video emails. In total, 74% like the idea, having already used them or wishing their company supported the technology.

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