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Eagle Upload Mega Menu Video Tutorial

As we are busy working on Kaltura’s next release , Falcon (stay tuned!), we’d like to highlight some of the exciting features from our most recent release, Eagle. And why talk when you can demonstrate – below is the first video walkthrough in our series of upcoming video tutorial blog posts that will showcase how to upload media into the Kaltura Management Console, edit it, add advertisement cue-points, and much more (for more details see Eagle release blog post). You can keep reading this post about our robust upload functionality, or simply click the video to see it in action.
[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”6420041″ entryid=”1_5xesqndp” width=”551″ height=”330″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /]KMC Upload Tab Tutorial Video
Media Upload 
KMC - New Upload Tab
The new and improved Upload menu, which is accessible from all major screens within the KMC, presents a list of ingestion options and capabilities to choose from.
You can upload media assets from your desktop, record directly from a webcam , upload in bulk and import from the web.
The bottom section of the menu presents options to prepare an entry prior to adding the media itself, which provides you with greater flexibility and multitasking.

Upload from desktop


  1. Select the “upload from desktop” menu option,
  2. Choose the media files from your file system.
  3. Pick the media type. Audio, Video and image type are available. In our case we will select the video option. And Click “upload”

You can now monitor the upload progress in the new “Upload Control” screen.

KMC Upload Control Screen
KMC Upload Control Screen

As soon as the upload process begins, editable entries are created in the Entries Table, where you can perform other tasks, such as edit the metadata for the files currently loading and more. No time wasted waiting for the upload to complete.
Once the files finish loading, the system will start transcoding them according to the pre-selected flavors in the transcoding profile.
Bulk Upload with XML/CSV
With Kaltura’s bulk upload functionality, you can efficiently upload large amounts of media,  and integrate Kaltura with your existing infrastructure.
Kaltura’s bulk upload process allows you to use XML files to describe the list of media assets to be uploaded, along with an advanced array of associated metadata.
CSV files are also supported for bulk upload.

  1. Click the “Submit CSV/XML” menu option.
  2. Select the XML file that contains all the relevant information.
  3. The system will import all media assets listed in the file, along with their associated metadata.

Similar to the “upload from desktop” option, you can follow the progress of your upload through the Upload Control screen by using the toggle button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Hope you enjoyed this first part of our new series where we introduce the most recent KMC enhancements and features.
Try it out for yourself, open a trial account here and follow our blog series for more video tutorials in the weeks to come.

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