More Devices, Larger Audience – Introducing Kaltura Instant Apps for Roku and Opera TV

We know one of the most important things to maintaining a large audience is availability on multiple platforms and devices. That is why we are delighted to announce the addition of our new Instant TV Apps for Roku’s Direct Publisher and Opera TV Snap, to our list of multi-target distribution outlets, letting publishers reach a wider audience on two of the market’s leading Smart TV and set-top-box platforms.
Kaltura Instant Apps for Roku’s Direct Publisher and Opera TV Snap is already available to every Kaltura customer in the Kaltura Management Console (KMC), at no additional cost.

With Kaltura Instant Apps, video publishers can build a branded Smart TV app with custom categories and their own logo in a matter of minutes, making their content available on millions of set-top-boxes, streaming sticks, and television sets from leading manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and Hitachi, all without writing a single line of code.

The solution is based on MRSS feeds, which are easily created in the KMC. Once launched, the workflow to manage these apps is simple, allowing users to publish new content by simply adding tags to the videos.
OTT for Opera
Video monetization through advertisements is also available. Publishers can specify a 3rd party ad server of their liking, or choose to work directly with Roku, via Roku’s Audience network (available in the US only), and Opera TV, via Opera Mediaworks’ advertising solution.
All you need before using Kaltura TV Instant Apps is a Roku account, which you can open for free HERE, and an Opera account, which you can also open for free, HERE.
You can also visit the Kaltura Knowledge Center to learn more about creating your own smart TV apps and about posting videos via Roku’s Direct Publisher HERE, and Opera TV Snap HERE.


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