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DevConnect 2012 Movie Sneak Peek (Photos)

Wow, DevConnect 2012 is just 10 days away. Time definitely flies when you are working on your annual conference….
We have many surprises planned for this year’s event. We have already revealed the agenda and the fantastic list of speakers. Now it’s time to give you a behind the scenes look at our company video, which was shot in Israel and the US using smartphones, tablets, webcams and some more traditional cameras. Kudos to our creative friends at Gravity Sleeps who have been working diligently on this project with us.
Make sure to get your DevConnect tickets today so you could be there to see this masterpiece.

Assaf Chaprak, our VP of Project Management, filming himself using a smartphone in rainy San Francisco.

Wesley Wingo, our talented cameraman getting ready to film in our SF office lobby.

Michele Turpin, from our Enterprise Sales Group, cracking up in the SF office.

Ainatte Inbal, Director of Product Management, in our Israel office.

Shay David, our Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder, live from our homepage.

Lucas Meyers, from Media Account Management, live on a webcam from Los Angeles.

Ron Yekutiel, our CEO, live from (yes, you guessed it) San Francisco.

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