Designing for Accessibility

captions for accessibility

As video increasingly plays a critical role in education, accessibility has become a major concern. Adding captions on request is no longer a sustainable practice. How are educational institutions today approaching video accessibility strategically?
With a massive online video library and a mission to provide a high-quality student experience for both traditional and non-traditional populations, National University wanted to ensure that their entire video collection met accessibility standards and provided a high quality video experience for their entire student body. But how could they tackle such a huge task efficiently? National University took advantage of Kaltura’s REACH to implement an intuitive, efficient solution to add ADA/Section 508 compliant captions to their entire video library, ensuring accessibility and improving discoverability.
adding captions to video for greater accessibility
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If you’re looking for more, National University will be joining us on February 23 for a free webinar “REACH for Accessibility.” Come ask your questions!

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