Debating the Future of Education

Classroom of tomorrow panel discussion

So what will the future of education actually look like? A few weeks ago, we aired our virtual event, “The Classroom of Tomorrow.” The center of the event was a debate between several leaders in education, envisioning what that future might look like. It’s a far-ranging discussion, from what libraries will need to become to how students could curate their digital learning files to how AI and brain scans could alter the way we think about education. In a world where rapidly changing social norms, economic forces, and technology are changing how we work, socialize, and entertain ourselves, it’s time to explore how those changes will affect education. What do you think?

  • David Nirenberg – Dean of the Division of the Social Sciences, University of Chicago
  • Rick Kamal – Chief Technology Officer, Harvard Business School, HBX
  • Gordon Freedman – President, National Laboratory for Education Transformation
  • Michael Markowitz – Entrepreneur and Investor, Education
  • Dr Michal Tsur – Co-founder and President, Kaltura


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