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DCM East: 3 Must See Presentations

If you haven’t already heard, DCM (Digital Content Monetization) East is holding their annual conference in New York at the DoubleTree Hotel (51st and Lexington) from June 19-22. This is a great event for anybody involved in online media, with the industries top players attending and presenting. Why is this important now? Well as DCM says on their website:
According to PriceWaterHouseCoopers’ annual report, by 2014 digital spending will account for one-third of total media and entertainment spend – that’s an increase of 24% from last year. Film, TV, Sports, Publishing, Music, Newsprint and Games need to rapidly establish their place in this digital content market place.”
The conference is broken into three different days: a pre-conference “summit” focused on the sports and gaming industries today, the 19th, and the two main conference days filled with presentations from online media gurus tomorrow and thursday (the 21st) . With that being said, here are some presentations that you wouldn’t want to miss.
1. Sports Summit
Who: The speakers will be: Doug Smoyer; the Vice President of Business Development for the New York Giants (a personal favorite), Peter Stringer; Director of Interactive Media for the Boston Celtcis, and Chris Russo; the Ceo of Big Lead Sports. Lindsay Orosz, an Associate of New Media, Entertainment and Technology at Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP will moderate.
What: The “Future impact of tablets, smartphones and laptops on the sports industry: recognize what game is being watched on TV and provide your viewers with a personalized experience on the second screen.”
When: 10:30 am on Tuesday (19th)
Why: This is going on for the third year running and by all accounts it has been fantastic. The Sports industry is one of the highest revenue generating industries in media (and the world). Consider that the NFL rakes in about 10 billion dollars of revenue annually and that the SuperBowl this year set the US TV ratings record for the third year in a row with over 111 million estimated viewers. That’s a lot of viewers. This year was the first year that the Superbowl was shown online for free, and by most accounts it was a relative success. In addition to the profitability and industry technological shift, this is a must see because of the three big-player speakers.
2. Startup Showcase
Who: The showcase judges are: Dan Ciporin; Venture Partner at Canaan Partners, Bruce Taragin, Managing Director at Blumberg Capital, Jorge Espinel; EVP of Strategy and Corporate Development, News Corp, and Yujin Chun; Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Todd Simon, Head of Digital Media at Oppenheimer &Co. will be the moderator.
What: Leading startups pitch to a panel of industry experts and prominent venture capitalists.
When:3:30 pm on Wednesday (20th)
Why: This is not only a chance for startups to garner interest and funding, but also an opportunity for the media industry to see some exciting new prospects with the potential partnerships involved. These startups are hungry and undoubtedly talented, making for a passionate and intriguing event. This was one the most exciting presentations at DCM East 2011 and there is no reason that it should not be this year as well.
3. Kaltura Presentation
Who: Eric Morris, VP of Global Media Sales, Kaltura.
What: “How to reach your Audience Wherever They Are”
When: 2:15 pm Wednesday (20th)
Why: Not that I am biased, but this is guaranteed to be a fantastic presentation. This is a topic that is key to every industry in the market and Eric’s presentation can be beneficial to any business. Isn’t this really the essence of online video, especially of online marketing? Eric wll share some of his rich experience working with media companies. He will also show how media companies can learn from other industries, like Education and Enterprise, how to use online video to grow successful companies. .
If you are attending the conference, be sure to also come say hi to us at the Kaltura booth!

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