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“Creating Value with Video” Series – Redman Technologies and Online Marketing (Video)

Video is one of the hottest online trends today.  Countless white paperscase studies and tweets try to explain why video is the way to go. And while those communications are helpful, the best method to learn about the benefits of online video is to listen to the stories of companies that are already using it.
In the coming weeks, The Creating Value with Video Series will feature the stories of companies that harness the power of online video on a daily basis. They all see real ROI both in the bottom line and in employee  and customer  engagement.
Pt. 1 – Redman Technologies
Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Redman Technologies uses video to promote more than 1,000 real-estate websites. They leverage video in smart and innovative ways to create instant video slideshows and to improve SEO. In addition, they experiment with novel technologies like HTML5 to provide a better video experience to potential homebuyers.
By using a focused video and SEO strategy their sites rank high in search results and their customers are generating more leads and revenue. Learn exactly how they do it and what challenges they are still facing in the interview below.
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To learn more about Redman Technologies and video SEO view this webinar.
Join us next week for the next edition of the Creating Value with Video Series. And if you found this video interesting, please share it. For more best practices and tutorials – visit our video center.

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