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“Creating Value with Video” Series Pt. 4 – NUI Galway and Video Tutorials (Video)

This is part 4 of the Creating Value with Video series, which focuses on organizations that drive  real value to their operation through video technology.
We often hear that video improves learning results and that students prefer watching videos to reading long documents. However, it is much easier to understand the benefits of such videos when seeing how they are actually being used within an academic environment. The School of Physics at National University of Ireland – Galway found a very interesting way to leverage the power of video.
Second year physics students are usually required to read a technical manual for each experiment they will conduct before going to the lab, but the descriptions and diagrams confused some students. Dr. Oliver Ryan, senior technical officer for the School of Physics, began recording two-minute videos for each experiment to help alleviate the confusion. By using Kaltura’s Building Block for Blackboard, Ryan can easily share the videos with his students.
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“The videos are a quick introduction to the experiment and help explain what the manual is talking about,” said Ryan. “Students can also see the equipment they will be using and the visual saves a lot of time when students come to the lab.” Dr. Ryan has recorded a video for all 21 experiments students conduct over the span of a semester, in addition to seven videos that describe how to use the equipment.
See more examples of how National University of Ireland – Galway is using Kaltura to improve learning results. The full case study is available here.

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