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“Creating Value with Video” Series Pt. 3 – Live Streaming and Island Records

This is part 3 of the Creating Value with Video series, which focuses on companies that drive real value to their businesses through video technology.
It’s a proven fact that video engages your audience in a way that the written word can’t in today’s busy world. Video brings your content to life, it engages your visitors and is a key player in any successful marketing strategy. So what’s next? How can you further reach your target audience with high-impact engaging content?
Live streaming! People love to talk to people. Audience engagement through the power of a live stream, straight into the office, at home or whilst on the road to your mobile device has an incredible impact. The ability to deliver news, music, sport, interviews or training direct to your audience is an essential tool for any business or school. Just look at MTV, the DNC The Oscars and many other media events.
Harnessing the power of live streaming is boy band “The Wanted” who are signed to Island Records. “The Wanted” formed in 2009 and their debut album, “The Wanted’, went Platinum with three UK top twenty singles. The group’s second album “Battleground” hit number 5 in the UK and number 4 in Ireland and featured their second number one hit (Glad You Came).
Beginning in 2012, the group have begun to see success in the US and Canada, with hit single “Glad You Came” selling three million copies there, hitting number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, whilst their second single “Chasing The Sun” has become their second Billboard chart, hitting the top spot on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart.
As their popularity rockets across the globe, the band wanted to reach their global audience with fresh, as-it-happens news, updates and interactive web chats. The Wanted offer Gold and Platinum subscription packages that give fans access to exclusive content. Using Kaltura’s out-of-the-box live streaming solution, the band can now reach audiences across the globe with content that has never been seen before.
Island Records approached Kaltura with an immediate requirement to broadcast the band’s adventures as they travel across the world. The live streaming solution for “Wanted World” enables the band to live stream from hotels, studios, photo shoots…from all locations across the world using a simple laptop, ensuring that their fans don’t miss out on a single moment.
Within a couple of days of the initial request, “Wanted World” is set up and ready to stream exclusive content to their global audience. The group are incorporating a live web chat, giving their fans an intimate and close up experience that couldn’t be achieved with standard marketing. As the band travel across the US, their fans are beamed straight into their LA hotel room to share the adventure with them.
Whether you’re entertaining, teaching, broadcasting or marketing, live streaming is quick to set up, it has the ‘wow’ factor and it’s easy to reach your audience with the Kaltura Platform.
Watch this tutorial to learn how to use Kaltura live streaming capabilities.

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