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“Creating Value with Video” Series Pt. 2 – Online Video and TV Broadcasters (Video)

This is part 2 of the Creating Value with Video series, which focuses on companies that drive real value to their businesses through video technology.
Today we are featuring Internet Broadcasting that caters to many local TV stations across the US, transforming them to digital brands that reach customers across websites, mobile and social media. Internet broadcasting has strong partnerships with CNN, CoreMedia, Akamai and Kaltura. The company has taken advantage of Kaltura’s proven open-source innovation in its flagship ibPublish WCM platform by embedding best-of-breed video capabilities that simplify and streamline the capture and presentation of high-quality video.
Josh Littlefield, VP Business/Market Development, discussed with us why traditional broadcasters must use digital tools to be successful:
– How online video promotes media brands?
– Why use Kaltura as opposed to other free online platforms?
– What are the advantages of partnering with Kaltura?
– What is the future of the Internet Broadcasting and Kaltura partnership?
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