Creating a Standalone Video Page

creating a standalone video page

Kaltura offers a lovely viewing experience in the MediaSpace video portal, including recommended videos, comments, your organization’s header bar, and more. But did you know that you can also customize an individual entry’s landing page to create a standalone page with a single video on it?

Enabling Entry Page Design

The first step is for your administrator to enable the Entrydesign module in the Kaltura MediaSpace Admin Console. Like most options on the Kaltura platform, your administrator will have a number of options. You can allow anyone to change most of the elements of the page, including using CSS to define the page itself. But you can also specify restrictions. For example, you might choose to keep the header or the logo as unalterable. You can specify which player is used, or let the default always be used across the site. You can also specify which users are allowed to make changes to entry pages.

Designing Your Video Landing Page

Once the Entrydesign page is enabled, you now can create your own video landing pages. First, choose “Edit” for your specific entry. Then go to the “Display” tab.
changing display of MediaSpace entry

Now you can edit all the different elements of the landing page. See below some of the sections you can change or remove:
editable areas of video landing page
So as you can see, you can change or remove, among other things, the header, footer, comments, recommended videos, title, and sharing options.
You can also upload a CSS file to customize the entire look and feel of the page.
So, for an extremely basic example, if you chose to remove everything but the video itself from the display and to change the background color, you’d end up with the above landing page looking like this instead:
no toolbars, just background color

Why Change Your Video Landing Page?

Why would you want to do this? Maybe you have a video you want to stand completely by itself, without being embedded in your video portal. It could be for a marketing campaign, or something you want to make available to customers without any distractions, or a specific project that you don’t want to use your normal branding for. Or maybe you just want to experiment without disrupting the rest of your site. Creating a custom landing page gives you options for creating a landing page that looks they way you want it to, that doesn’t tie into your regular video portal. But you still get to keep all the advantages of hosting the video through MediaSpace (including not needing to find another URL or server to host from).

Want more technical details on creating a standalone video page? Read more at the Kaltura Knowledge Center entry.

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